Experts have argued that if Thomas Jefferson were to run for presidency today, he'd lose. Why? He massacred the Bible. In the winter of 1819, he completed a long-standing project of his—he cut and pasted the moral principles of Jesus of Nazareth from the Bible. There is no talk of miracles, just the principles that Jesus lived by.

Take what’s useful, and discard the rest. That’s the idea behind this website. As Daniele Bolelli said, when you live by one system, you miss out on the subtleties of life.

I wanted to know more about The Jefferson Bible, so I contacted its publisher, Dr. Judd Patton. The conversation drifted from the Jefferson Bible to his personal beliefs on Christianity.

Some people might have some problems with what he had to say. He is conservative and a Christian, but I think it's important to keep an open mind and learn from whatever the source.

It was a real pleasure talking to him.