Dr. Michael Weisand: Brain Stimulator

The purpose of this new section on technology in Killing Buddha is to have a more informed opinion on the question of is technology a good or bad thing. I want to know how technology affects our day-to-day life. We've become so used to its impact that it's difficult to truly see its effects. I'd also like to see how future technologies could affect us.

I will be interviewing people at the forefront of technology, psychologists and philosophers who can talk about the impact of technology on our everyday lives. 

For its inaugural interview, I spoke to Dr. Michael Weisand of Rio Grande Neurosciences. He is at the forefront of research using transcranial direct-current stimulation (TDCS), a technology that applies electrical stimulation to the brain. His lab has managed to double the rate of learning in subjects. Needless to say, this technology has enormous potential. 








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