Firas Zahabi on the philosophy of fighting


When I arrived at Tristar gym, I was surprised by how bare bones it was. A boxing ring to the left, weights to the right, an MMA cage in front. Given its reputation as producing some of the best fighters in the world, I was quite frankly expecting more.

But the simplicity of Tristar gym is an intentional outgrowth of Firas Zahabi's beliefs on fighting and training. The Tristar head coach believes in focusing on the necessities. In mixed martial arts there is so much to learn that you don't have time to waste. And according to Firas, one of those necessities is approaching it with the correct mentality. 

That's what we spoke about in this interview. 

Firas has trained some of the best fighters in the world, including Georges Saint-Pierre, former UFC welterweight champion, welterweight contender, Rory MacDonald, and many others. Some of the best mixed martial artists from all around the world come to learn from him. He is known to have a very philosophical approach to training, and that's why I approached him for an interview.