One of John Wayne Parr's greatest accomplishments is being known as one of the nicest guys in combat sports. Yet he is completely unforgiving in the ring. "The day of the fight, I have bad intentions. I want go in there and destroy people," he told me. That is the kind of paradox that summarizes the Gunslinger: Humility out of the ring, unwavering self-confidence inside.

Mr. Parr is a multiple time Muay Thai world champion. He is considered one of the best Western Muay Thai fighters of all time alongside legends like Ramon Dekkers

He is known for his fierce fighting style and courage shown in the ring. 

He spent four years training in Thailand, and he did so in the 1990's at a time where there were very few Western fighters. He was celebrated and was embedded in the Thai culture, so he knows the country like very few Westerners ever could. 

He's also lived an adventurous life that few people ever will: living in Thailand for four years, wiping his butt with his hand, getting yelled at by his trainer, sharing a dorm with eight other fighters, and training at least six hours a day, seven days a week.

But most importantly, he's doing something even rarer: building a life filled with memories.  



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