Meditation&Me is a collection of the world's meditative practices led by the world's meditation experts. The idea is to provide high quality courses on the world's meditation practices in the form of a mobile app, much like Master Class provides for acting, directing, cooking, etc. 

It'll house modern and ancient practices alike. From the Buddhist and Taoist schools of meditation to mindfulness and compassion exercises.

I see it as a sister project to Killing Buddha. I hope they will converge in the future by becoming a platform for learning the world's life philosophies and practices, not just meditation.

It's very much a work in progress, so don't judge us too harshly! We'll be adding more and more courses in the coming months. But seriously, we need your feedback. It would be very much appreciated. 

I hope you guys enjoy!



A Mindful Way Through Anxiety led By Dr. Bob Stahl


A Mindful Way Through Anxiety is a course led by Dr. Bob Stahl designed to bring awareness into the body, thoughts, and emotions and to learn to use the applications of mindfulness to live more skillfully with anxiety. It is designed to help you grow with more peace and a sense of interconnection with your life and the world.

Dr. Bob Stahl has founded seven Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs throughout the US. He is a Senior Teacher for the Oasis Institute for Mindfulness-Based Professional Education and Training at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, HealthCare, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He is also co-author of 5 books like A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook for Anxiety.

Compassion by Dr. Paul Gilbert


Dr. Paul Gilbert is the creator of Compassion-Focused Therapy or CFT. CFT is a form of therapy that focuses on changing not only what a person thinks, but how they think and feel. The problem that Paul noticed with other therapies was that when highly self-critical people tried to change how they think, they had an underlying self-critical tone to their thoughts. So that’s where Paul realized one of the problems with Cognitive Therapy: their thoughts are still cold and self-critical. What they need is warmth and love.

He developed a series of techniques to help build that warmth based on ancient Buddhist practices. This Compassion singles pack are those exercises.

Dr. Gilbert is also a professor at the University of Derby, and author of The Compassionate Mind, Mindful Compassion and many others.

In case you forgot, I interviewed him for Killing Buddha a little while back.



Self Compassion by Dr. Kristin Neff and Others


Dr. Kristin Neff is an expert in the Insight Meditation tradition. She also has decades of experience in researching self-compassion in an academic capacity. In affiliation with the Harvard Medical School and colleague Chris Germer, she founded an 8 week program on developing the skill of mindfulness and compassion called Mindful Self-Compassion. She is also the author of Self-Compassion.

This Self Compassion singles pack consists of exercises, designed by Dr. Kristin Neff, to help you build the skill of self-compassion. They range from helping you breathe affectionately to bringing compassion to your body to the practice of loving kindness.

And others


Upcoming: Daoism by Dr. Livia Kohn

Dr. Livia Kohn is a professor at Boston University in Religion and East Asian Studies where she specializes in Daoist philosophy. She is a life long meditator in the Vipassana tradition and an instructor of QiGong.

She is the author of several books on Daoist and Chinese philosophy like Taoist Meditation and Longevity TechniquesA Source Book in Chinese Longevity, and Cosmos and Community.

This course was designed by Professor Kohn to teach you Daoist philosophy and the techniques that Daoists have been practicing for thousands of years.