MissMe: the Artful Vandal



This site was never meant to be a commentary on social or political issues, which fans of MissMe might be wondering why I interviewed her. But I believe by understanding how culture shapes you, you can better understand who you actually are.

I think that's what MissMe's brand of feminism is about. By learning what society shames us into believing, we can hopefully learn to accept who we are. A lot of her work is centred around providing a counter voice to what society tells us a woman is and what a woman should be. 

MissMe is a former marketing art director. After tiring of her work, she quit and became a street artist seeking full creative freedom. She is based in Montreal, Canada, and also travels the world to spread her work throughout the streets of New York, Dakar, London, Cuba, and Hong Kong. She has been featured on VICECBCBrit + Co, and now the great media conglomerate, Killing Buddha.

In this interview, we spoke about her process of making art, the societal pressures of being a woman and her counter voice to those expectations, women's sexuality, and the process of accepting who you are.