Nick Denis retired from the UFC in his prime at the age of 28. His retirement caused an uproar in the MMA community. It was an unheard thing to do in MMA especially when your doctor does not force you to retire.

He didn't have any more concussions or damage than any other fighter. He just knew what the consequences of head trauma were, so he left.

First he left his pursuit of a PhD in Biochemistry to chase gold as a UFC fighter. And now he's leaving that into the unknown.

I knew that behind an unusually strong decision would probably lie an unusually strong man. For someone to leave money, fame, competition, and glory for his health must have something to say about life.

This series of posts is a result of that. We spoke on his views on achieving your goals, focusing on what's important in life, and how the media and defining yourself shape your perception of reality.

To read his musings on life, science, and the Universe, check out his blog here.



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On Self-Belief and How the Modern Media Shapes Our Perception of Reality