RYAN HOLIDAY, Author of the obstacle is the way

Ryan Holiday dropped out of college at 19 to work with controversial author, Tucker Max.

He knew that Tucker used to link to just about every article written about him. So he decided to write a review of Tucker's work. He was blown away by Ryan's writing. He wrote in an email, "Seriously, I am awed by your grasp of me and my material." Eventually Tucker offered him an internship. 

Since then, he's helped Robert Greene with The 48 Laws of Power and The 50th Law. He also became the director of marketing at American Apparel. And now he works as editor and contributor for the Observer.

He wrote Trust Me I'm Lying, a description of how he used online media to manipulate mainstream media. And he recently released his first book on philosophy called The Obstacle is the Way. In it, he outlines how we can use philosophy to take difficult times and turn them into an experience that we can grow from.

He's accomplished all this before the age of 30. 

The main reason why I decided to interview Ryan is because he introduced me to Stoic philosophy. His blog has deeply influenced how I live and think. 

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