When Sam was in college, one of his professors told the class that when they graduate, the question that will be at the forefront of their minds will be what am I made of. Sam has spent his career trying to figure that out.

We have always looked up to the warriors in our society. Bravery is a necessity for survival. It goes back to our days in the savannah where the courageous ones were the most willing to go off the beaten path, find new sources of water and nutrition, and survive battle. 

The need to prove something to yourself is deeply ingrained in our DNA. But in the modern world, there is less and less opportunity to do so. And that's where fighting and martial arts can fill that need.

Sam is well known in the MMA community for his books A Fighter's Heart and The Fighter's Mind. In writing them, he immersed himself in all aspects of MMA. He learnt from and trained with the best boxers, best Thai boxers, best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players, and best wrestlers. 

He deeply immersed himself in these arts, and he came away with a bit of a deeper understanding of life and so do his readers. 

In this interview, we talk about what he's learnt about life through fighting and just his general ideas on what he wants to accomplish with his.